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Romans 13


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Disobeying Romans 13?

When I go to jail, I won't wear their jail clothes, eat their food, or voluntarily walk into their courts. I consider the jailers as strangers and I do not obey strangers. I am to obey the Shepherd and flee from the stranger (John 10). After explaining this to a jailer, he looked at me in exasperation and said:

"You're nothing like Jesus Christ!" said the jailer.

"You will have to help me out on that one," I replied.

"Jesus at least obeyed the authorities. I mean He carried His own cross and He walked on His own two legs and you won't even do that."

"I am assuming you are referring to Romans 13."

"You bet I am! You are totally disobedient to the higher authorities."

"I want you to know one thing, and I want you to know it clearly: It was your forefathers who crucified my Lord."

This remark silenced the jailer and our conversation ended.